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The Josie King Foundation has been in the news as we continue to pursue the efforts of quality and safety.

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Disclosure Hospitals shine light on mistakes by publicly saying: "We're sorry"
In March, a patient at Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital in the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park underwent surgery to remove a cancerous kidney. But the next day, a hospital pathologist reported no evidence of cancer in the kidney that was removed.
Medical Errors Hospitals Tally Their Avoidable Mistakes
(Accessed on August 5, 2009)

Surgery on a patient with a debilitating spinal-cord disease went terribly wrong in a District hospital last year: The patient was discharged only to be readmitted a few days later complaining of severe leg pain. The surgeon, it turned out, had operated on the wrong part of the spine.

Disclosure Hospitals to patients' families: No mistakes around here
State numbers show reluctance to admit medical errors
Condition H Hospitals' rapid response begins with the patient
Patients at Community Health Network can hit the nurse-call button for everything from requesting an extra blanket to vital medical help.

But now patients at Community's five area hospitals have a potentially powerful new communications tool -- the telephone, to call for a second opinion.
Best Practices, Hospital Methodology How Do You Put a Yardstick on Safety?

Making patient safety one of the elements of the Best Hospitals methodology has been a goal for us and our resourceful and skilled contractor, RTI International, for several years. We're working on it and getting closer. But whatever data go into the mix have to meet reasonable standards, and so far the existing safety data are ungettable or skimpy.



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